Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pop Burger

This is it.  The summer is on its way out.  So of course we need to celebrate with the summer associates with an associates night out!  The associates committee planned a fun filled after work celebration at Pop Burger. (Turn your speakers down, the website has some tunes)  We went to the location on 58th between 5th and Madison.  I grumbled the entire walk over and decided it would be worth it because I would be rewarded with delicious eats.

Walking into Pop Burger is a little jarring.  Bright lights, one loooong slim countertop in the middle.  Really does look like ye olde burger joint.  When you go upstairs though, that's where the fun begins.  Low lighting, plush couches and awkwardly low high backed chairs.  Our reserved space was on the 2nd floor where the DJ was spinning some classics but with different beats.  Throws you off a little, but it was quite good.

Anyway, on to the food.  I scoured the menu quickly and we all decided on a game plan.  Order anything you're gonna eat!  My kind of party :-)

We received some cheeseburgers, fries and onion rings first.

The fries were delicious, but it was so dark in there I couldn't get the perfect photograph.  I was told the cheeseburgers were overdone.  I had to run downstairs to see my younger brother so the next set of photographs is courtesy of Mr. not that one.  While I was gone, the food came out in rapid succession.

The chicken spring rolls didn't photograph too well, and they also didn't taste great.  Too much spring and not enough chicken in that roll.

The shrimp roll on the other hand was amazing.  The shrimp filled the length of that roll.  I was in heaven!

Individual lobster nachos with guacamole was also pretty good.  I wish they had done more with it, but I suppose better to have lots of lobster than not...unlike lunch today!

Mozzarella sticks were JUMBO.  I had to split it with someone because I couldn't imagine getting through all that cheese.  It was pretty good and not offensively greasy.

I missed the name of this fabulous dish, but it was INCREDIBLE.  Seared Ahi Tuna, possibly sesame crusted.  I would go to dinner at Pop Burger, just to order this dish.  Yummers!

Pop Burger is a fun atmosphere for an after work event.  The lighting is a little low and the music gets louder after 7:30, but it's definitely worth hanging out on the 2nd floor for a few hours.  The food is delicious and when someone else is picking up the tab, it tastes even better!

Hungry yet?

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