Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Palm - West Side

As the summer winds down, so does the opportunity to take the Summer Associates out for lunch.  We went to lunch at the Palm.  I must admit, it's a bit of a wasted lunch when I go to steak houses, considering I'm a non cow eater.  However, a lot of steak houses offer phenomenal seafood options.  We went with the Palm's Business Lunch special.  It's a reasonably priced prix fixe for a nice lunch.

I ordered the Caesar salad to start.

Not much to look at right? Lightest looking lettuce, creamiest Caesar dressing.  I could barely eat it.

The Salmon with roasted red pepper sauce was much better.

Very sizable piece of salmon.  It was cooked medium well to well.  the red pepper sauce was alright, nothing too special.  I was a little disappointed that it didn't come with anything else served on the plate.

The family size sides were a nice addition to the table.  The Half & Half was impressive though I unfortunately didn't snap a picture.  For those unfamiliar, it is a plate of potato chips with fried onions.  The chips were great, but I didnt' touch the onions.

The other side was far less impressive.

Yea those are Green Beans that they apparently felt comfortable enough bringing to the table.  Absurd.  They tasted pretty drab too.  Definitely left much to be desired.

The Business Lunch also included a dessert.  Unfortunately, I had to run and did not get a chance to eat it at the restaurant.  Lucky for me, my buddy Ms. B, brought it to my office.  It didn't look too great in the plastic case, but it was a monster size piece that tasted incredible!  Definitely redeemed themselves from the green bean disaster.

Steakhouses are not just for meat lovers.  The Palm offered an excellent non-beef option and I very much enjoyed the lunch.  The Business Lunch is a great deal and everyone who had steak seemed pretty satisfied with it.  

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