Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was still dreaming of noodles at lunch today, but when Mr. G suggested that we try something new.  We decided on Pearls, a Chinese restaurant in the heart of Times Square.  I've never been a fan of Times Square and dining there is certainly not something I wish on anyone, especially a non-tourist.

The second we walked in, it was clear this was a no nonsense restaurant.  We were seated almost immediately.  There is an upstairs seating area that was pretty crowded, so we sat on the main level.  We ordered from the lunch special and the food came in less than 10 minutes.  Usually that's unsettling, but I was quite happy with what came out.

Mr. G ordered Hunan Chicken with vegetable fried rice.

Looks good right? I didn't taste it but based on the fact that the plate was empty at the end of the meal, I'm assuming it was delish!

I ordered Shredded Chicken with garlic sauce and vegetable fried rice.  It was great!  The lunch special also comes with a choice of egg roll or spring roll.

Pearls is awesome! The food is very tasty and not greasy.  The lunch specials are a great deal and I highly recommend fighting through your disdain for Times Square and enjoying this delicious lunch spot.

Hungry yet?

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