Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lobster-Lite Lunch

Lunch meetings are great for so many reasons.  This particular meeting is always fabulous because Mr. K places incredible orders.  When I received the menu for today's meeting, I was thrilled!  Instead of lobster rolls, we were getting lobster burritos with a side of rice and couscous.  oh boy!  

The spread was VERY deceiving.  The only reason there are that many rolls is because you had to hunt to find the lobster pieces.  These were essentially vegetable rolls, albeit very delicious vegetables, sprinkled with lobster.  I was incredibly disappointed.  Shame on you Zaro's for fooling us with your lobster-lite vegetable burritos.

At least the rice was delicious.  I added some salsa on the side and filled myself up on rice.  But of course I saved a little room for cake.

YUM! This chocolate heaven cake was very dense but also incredibly good.  

After struggling to find what amounted to less than mouthful of lobster, I was lucky to find lots of rice to stuff myself.  Of course the cake helped too.

Hungry yet? 

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