Saturday, July 10, 2010


Mr. G and I went to brunch at Sarabeth’s.  There’s usually a long wait, but this time we got lucky.  The wait was pretty nonexistent which was a pleasant change.

I ordered the crisp potato waffle with chicken apple sausage and a side of apple sauce.

MEH. I’ve never really been that impressed with Sarabeth’s but most of the time I stick to eggs and potatoes.

The waffles sure were crisp.  The chicken apple sausage was flavorless but much better when dipped in the apple sauce.  I will say it was quite filling. I only ate one waffle and one sausage and was unable to eat anything else.

Oh and for the first time I noticed just how dingy the place is.  The carpet is old and gross, the pictures are dated, but at least the paint looks fresh.  Sarabeth’s is ney the best spot to get brunch in the UWS.  Some of the meals might be delicious but generally I’m just not that impressed.

Hungry yet?

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