Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr. G Makes Dinner

After my day in Jersey, I called Mr. G while he was in the grocery store and he agreed to buy a few ingredients and make dinner for us.  Oh boy! I was very excited but waited a while to get to his place because I didn't want to disturb the chef.  When I walked into his mid rise building, I could smell the deliciousness at the front door.  He prepared a multi-course meal that reminded me just how lucky I am.
To start, Mr. G served some fresh mango slices as an appetizer.  I was happy to have something light and cool to start with because I was still recovering from the 100+ degree day.
Next up he whipped out the Collard Greens with mussels!!
I was pleasantly surprised by this dish.  The mussels were married to the greens and it tasted so good that I ate an entree sized portion.  After taking a short eating break, I had enough room for the main course.
Mr. G served Rotini with fresh peppers and a sweet tomato sauce with chicken.
Mmm Mmm Mmm!! Mr. G can definitely throw down.  I was especially happy with the mussels because I truly did not expect it to taste as good as it did.

Oh and did I mention he made Garlic Bread?!

Hungry yet?

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