Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boring Breakfast, Lazy Lunch

Nothing delightful today.  Breakfast was basic today just a whole wheat mini-bagel with peanut butter and a boiled egg.  No time for fussing today had lots to do at work.  Now that I'm documenting meals, it will be easier to see the adverse inverse relationship between the work and food.

Lunch at Topaz was rescheduled so I brought some arroz con pollo to work.  Nothing exciting in the works for dinner probably more pesto.

Oh I also had this delightful little treat as a snack during the day.

It apparently came from Cupcake Cafe.  Never heard of it, but the buttercream icing was too rich for me.

Tomorrow I'll have fabulous news to report from my scheduled dining extravaganza with Ms. U who I have not seen in MONTHS!  Stay tuned!!

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