Monday, April 19, 2010

Lucky Me!

There are lots of places to get a great burger in NYC.  However, as a non beef eater I'm usually stuck with few options at these cow joints.  So when I find a place that has chicken sandwiches, I am thrilled!  Lucky's Famous Burgers is one of those places.  Located just a short walk from my office, it was the perfect place to grab lunch today.

I thought I would save myself some time by calling ahead since there's sometimes a line.  I called and someone answered on the 2nd ring.  She put me on hold and 3 minutes went by.  I hung up and called back.  This time someone else answered and immediately took my order BBQ Chicken (Grilled onions, bbq sauce, jalapeno pepperjack cheese) and Lucky fries (crinkle cut).
I walked over about 10 minutes later and surprisingly there was no line.  I immediately started wondering if the food was no longer that good or if they got a bad grade.  I then realized it was only 12:15 and I was beating the lunch rush.  So I mosied up to the register and picked up my order.  I wish it was a little warmer today because I would have sat outside to eat but alas back to the office I went.
The sandwich was still hot when I returned to the office, however it had slid around the bag a bit and some of the bbq sauce and cheese was stuck to the back of the bag. The fries traveled surprisingly well. The first few fries tasted mouthwateringly good and I started to forget about my sandwich.  I sampled them with the chipotle mayo and Lucky's special sauce.  The special sauce wasn't really that special.  It was a little bit spicy and reminded me of a southwestern dip.  The chipotle mayo was refreshing but pretty tastless especially right after eating the not so special sauce.  Anyway, by the time I ate a few more fries, I remembered why I don't usually order them.  I started to taste the greasiness and looking at the bag it was obvious that a lot of oil went into this production.  Needless to say, I didn't finish the fries. 
I took my sandwich out of the bag because I wanted to inspect it.  Normally when I get the bbq chicken, I don't get onions or cheese.  The bbq sauce smelled a little smoky and a little tangy.  I took the first bite and wondered why I had previously messed with perfection by altering my order.  The bun was soft but not soggy.  The chicken was cooked throughly but the bbq sauce helped to mask any possibility of dryness.  I couldn't really taste the cheese, but I knew it added something to the equation.  The grilled onions may have been bathed in bbq sauce before being tossed on the sandwich.  They did tend to slide around a bit and you have to bite down hard if you want to prevent all the onions from traveling into your mouth on the first bite.

I was completely satisfied after this meal.  Even though I was full, I would have liked a chocolate chip cookie to sweeten the deal.  They sell those but I'm glad I didn't get one.  Afterall, I blog because I eat, I don't eat because I blog.  Lately, writing about (almost) everything I eat is causing me to think it's time I start exercising regularly.  But at least I'm not as bad as this guy. Leftovers tonight so don't expect a new post!  Tomorrow two catered meals at work, oh boy!!

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