Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Recession is Over!

Two free lunches! At work!! Back to back!!!  I'm happy to report to you all that the recession is over!  Okay well maybe not really because this was a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) lunch, but eating at the office like this took me back to the summer associate days and the pre-layoff part of working.

Although in all honesty, today's lunch was nothing to write home about.  Boring green salad, pasta salad WITH SALAMI (GROSS!), an assortment of sandwiches, dessert tray and fruit platter.  Catered by Mangia.

The salad was too boring for me to bother with.  Lets be honest, throwing green in a bowl doesn't mean it's going to be delicious or healthy.

Pasta salad had SALAMI in it! Need I say more?

I went with the grilled chicken wrap.  Chicken was pretty good.  There was a spicy honey mustard sauce and greens that were not lettuce which helped pull everything together nicely.  I also liked that the wrap actually had grilled lines.  More authentic in my eyes even though it's grilled chicken not grilled wrap.

I ate many more cookies today than I clear to admit, that is actually why there's a gaping hole where the tongs are.   For the record, I don't regret a single bite!

Fruit is always good but the pineapples today were particularly refreshing!  Looking forward to the event tonight at Saks Fifth.  Ms. O will be there, though she will not be in charge of the food so I can't make any promises about what to expect.

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