Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meal before MoMA

After a very late start, Ms. S, Mr. K and I went off to what was supposed to be brunch but turned out to be brunch.  Our final destination was MoMA because we wanted to see this exhibit.  We decided that since it was already 1:30 and we ate some bagels before we left, we would skip the breakfast part of brunch.  So we headed to Topaz.

While I've been there a few times for lunch during the week, it was my first weekend lunch.  We arrived and although it was not quite crowded, we were told we would have a 15 minute wait.  This was mainly because there were several couples sitting at tables for 4.  No big deal, but during the week they are a lot more efficient about the way they seat people and the way they serve.

We sat down and were told that the lunch menu I'm fond of ($7.35 for meals) is not available on weekends.  It's okay though because the prices are still very reasonable.  The server brings a basket of shrimp chips with spicy peanut sauce.  I have never tried the shrimp chips before, but alas this blog and its requirements. The chips are DISGUSTING.  They are bland and remind me of the few times as a child that I ate chalk.  Although in all fairness, I think the chalk tasted better.  The peanut sauce is spicy which is good but it's a little too heavy on the peanut and I felt like I could put it on a piece of bread add some jelly and call it a meal.

The main reason I come here is for the ample portions, delicious aroma and tasty treats.  Today was no exception.  The jungle curry with chicken was so good we had to have it twice.  That is, Ms. S and I ordered the same thing.  Dining with Ms. S is a real treat because she is one of the few people I know who appreciates spicy food the way I do.

The jungle curry was so good that I started eating it before taking a picture.  Sorry! Aside from the chicken, the non-coconut milk based curry has carrots, celery root, chili peppers, basil and zucchini.  It is extremely spicy and you should definitely start off eating it with rice.  When I finish my rice, I usually eat the rest of the curry as soup rather than ordering more rice.  I recommend sending the fork or spoon straight into your mouth without letting it touch your lips.  This prevents your mouth from burning, especially if your lips are chapped!  Also be careful not to eat and talk because if this goes down the wrong pipe, you could lose your voice for a couple of minutes.  Speaking from experience, it is not a pleasant sensation.  If you can't handle the spice, definitely don't order jungle curry!!

I recommend going to Topaz during the week for the fast service and cheap food.  However, if you're in the neighborhood on a weekend, definitely stop by Topaz.  If you're lucky, you can snag the table by the window which is in a semi-private alcove.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hearing this about the cornbread sauce is surprising! I love their cornbread sauce! Wonder what happened...

    Make sure you take yourself to Harlem River cafe for Sunday brunch one of these days!