Saturday, April 17, 2010


After experiencing The Artist Is Present, (as Mr. K put it, we shared something special) we grabbed cupcakes at Crumbs then went to get ready for dinner and Ovo!  I recommended 5:30 or 6pm reservations for MoBay, because I am so skeptical about their service.  Luckily, this time was not as bad as most.  We were slow to get ready, mostly because we were still fully from lunch and cupcakes.

We decided to walk the 1/2 mile to the restaurant so that way we would burn off some of the lunch calories and make room for dinner!  When we arrived at 6:15, we waited at the door for a couple of minutes before anyone approached us.  Finally, a waiter or possibly busy boy walked over and asked how many.  We told him 3 and he walked away.  We expected him to come back, but instead he stood by the far end of the bar. Next a man that seemed like the owner or manager walked over and asked again how many.  We told him 3, then after giving Mr. K a strange look, he walked away looked in the back dining room then walked back over to us.  He said he was expecting two large parties to arrive and we would have to wait 15 minutes for a table in the dining room.  We told him we had a reservation.  He offered to sit us in the lounge/bar area.  We accepted the table, even though it was by the door.  After that little incident, it was pretty much smooth sailing.

Our waitress was very attentive and checked on us multiple times throughout the meal.  She started by bringing us cornbread with a pineapple cream sauce on top.  The cornbread was still warm which made it all the better.  The sauce was GROSS.  It tasted like pineapple and old cream.

I ordered the Jerk Shrimp, normally an appetizer, as an entree.  Boy was I thrilled.  Unlike the Dutchy's jerk sauce, this was plentiful.  My shrimp came in the same dish as my rice and peas and plantain.  Again, this rice and peas was much better than the Dutchy and it helped that the jerk sauce was easy to mix in.

The shrimp was fresh, tender and well soaked in the spicy and tangy sauce.  I also tasted Mr. K's jerk chicken and it was fall off the bone tender with the right amount of kick.  I wish Mobay would bottle it's sauce.  Despite still being full from our earlier meals, I finished every last morsel because it was too good to leave on the plate.

Overall, a delicious meal at Mobay despite the initially shoddy treatment at the door.  Oh btw, neither of the large parties ever arrived.  Hmmph.

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  1. Those shrimp were huge! And fyi for next time, theyre mac and cheese is tasty too.

  2. I should have tried it. I believe I've had one bite of mac and cheese all my life. ssshhh don't tell anyone