Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pescetarian Delight

She made it! After requesting a rain check for yesterday's dinner, Ms. J came thru for some dinner to help me ward off the inevitable onset of the sunday night blues.  Nothing too complicated this time.  Nothing too special, just jerk tilapia, yellow rice with peas and carrots and of course plantain.  

Anyone who knows my dining preferences is probably aware of my love affair with plantain. I restrained myself today and only made one of the two that I bought, but that second one will surely be chopped and fried soon.

Oh we also had some of Mr. Colbert's Americone Dream.  Simply divine.

I'm hoping to make some pizza this week.  If you have any pizza dough recipes, please share!


  1. It's been years since I've made pizza dough (so long that I can't even remember if I should recommend it for you to try or not). BUT...if you are looking for an easy route (or are trying to make pizza on an expectedly busy day), I have heard that Trader Joe makes and sells pizza dough thats ready to go, and supposedly it's delicious. Just a suggestion :)


  2. Pescatarian delight looks DELICIOUS. You're making me hungry!