Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Riverside Breakfast

After a number of unfortunate incidents last night, including the destruction of my fast phone screen, I was ready for a delicious breakfast.  Sadly, this morning's breakfast was quite underwhelming.

We decided we should eat in the park since it was such a beautiful day.  We picked up bagels and juice from H&H then I decided eggs and hash browns from Zabars would be a prefect complement to the bagel.  Boy was I wrong.  Feast your eyes on this

The eggs and hash browns tasted as greasy as they looked.  Luckily, the whole wheat bagel helped to soak up some of the butter.  Needless to say I did not finish this meal.  After eating this crap, I'm definitely looking forward to Vinyasa today.


  1. Lady T,

    I am so shocked and proud of you for doing this!!! I remember when food adventures used to make you nervous. Now you are facing your apprehensions head-on, sharing them with friends, and enjoying it! Bravo :)

    I can't wait to participate and try out some of your recipes!

    - Paris

  2. Thanks Paris! I look forward to sharing...hopefully my day job won't get in the way of this!