Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monthly(ish) Mixer

For the past few months, my office has held Attorney Mixers.  An opportunity for the lawyers to go in the conference room, eat some food and chat it up.  I usually go because of the tasty treats (surprise surprise).  Well today was that day and by the time I got up there, I was starving.  I was the first person in there so I was able to snap some pictures of the platters before they were ravaged. 
I sampled many of these delicious treats and as always shrimp was what I found to be most delicious.  There were two types of shrimp. Both were refreshing and well seasoned but the red curry marinated shrimp was my favorite.  It's just hard to go wrong with shrimp.
The samosas were also good but they did not have enough filling and I found myself throwing out large portions of unfilled dough.  The chicken was well seasoned but I didn't love it.  Something about room temperature chicken just doesn't do it for me. 
I didn't try out any of the cheese but there was a ginger cracker that tasted amazing.  Overall pretty good. In case you're wondering what else was there

Not sure when I'll leave the office since I took a break, but it'll definitely be before 9:30 so we can make it to another film at Tribeca!  Maybe Mr. G will find somewhere nice for us to eat.

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