Friday, April 30, 2010

Mama Bear

I made it to the mothership and of course the house was filled with freshly made goodies.  I decided I'd go traditional and enjoy some Nigerian fare.  Although I know how to make it, I usually don't do so too often because not enough people to feed.  I mean you don't make just a little bit of stew.  Check out the pot.

Anyway I decided to go with iyan (pounded yam), efo (spinach) and omi obe (red stew).  Mama held it down.

To eat, you mix together the efo and omi obe in the same bowl then cut pieces of the iyan (with your hand not a fork & knife!) and dip it into the stew.  Simply divine.

Now I'm in the mood for Nigerian cooking.  Maybe sometime this week I'll make something.

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