Friday, April 9, 2010

Q2: Quality and Quantity

Lately, I've been venturing out for lunch at work.  This used to mean a quick run to Crown Deli or Europa, but with the warming of the globe, I am now sitting down and eating a full meal.  One of my favorite places is Q2 Thai.  It is FAT.  Fast. Affordable. Tasty.
If you go to Q2 for lunch, you will NOT be disappointed.  They have a wide array of options on their $7.95 lunch menu, pictured below.

You get salad, a choice between two appetizers, soda and a main course.  My favorite is the Spicy Fresh Basil.  Today, I decided to go do something a little different and go for the Drunken Noodle.   
At Q2, the salad and appetizer are served at the same time.  There are two types of salads, a bean salad which is far more appetizing than it sounds and an iceberg salad with the most mouthwatering ginger dressing I've ever encountered.  Right now they're serving the iceberg salad, but if you're lucky the bean salad will be there when you are. 
They also have several different appetizers but mainly it's usually a choice between the spring roll and vegetable dumpling or the spring roll and chicken and shrimp shumai.  The chicken and shrimp shumai is to die for.  IMHO, whenever shrimp and chicken come together something magical happens.  Sadly, they have not served the chicken and shrimp shumai in a while so I'm left with the vegetable dumpling.  While the sauce is quite tasty, the same cannot be said for the dumpling itself.  The grainy mix of vegetables in the dumpling is remniscent of being at the beach and accidentally getting sand in your mouth.  One of these days I'll try the spring roll and let you know how that is.
Now the reason I come here is for the heaping portions of the main course. 

Although it didn't photograph too well, I can assure you that the drunken noodle bowl is quite full.  The spice indicator on the menu gives this dish one astrisk.  I'm very spice tolerant and even I would give this two asterisks.  The dish is a little greasy because the noodles may have sat in the sauce a little longer than necessary, but they put so much chicken in there that you can barely tell that it is a noodle dish!  I didn't finish my meal so I guess we know what's for dinner ;-)  Although who knows maybe I'll chef it up tonight.

Good to know: They have a frequent diner card, but they don't just hand it to anyone.  You should ask for it the first time you go, because I guarantee that you will be back!

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