Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Staff Appreciation Lunch

Welcome to staff appreciation week.  The law firm provides treats, meals, thanks and goodies to the staff who help us get through our days.  They don't do anything for the associates who also get stepped on and pushed around too...except pay us of course! Anyway they invited everyone to the lunch today.  Catered from Camille's Carmine's a reputable family style Italian restaurant that also does catering.  Here's what we got, different types of breads, two salads, chicken soaked in oil (maybe lemon chicken), rigatoni and broccoli in tomato sauce, baked ziti, eggplant lasagna, tiramisu and some sort of chocolate with strawberries.  Feast your eyes and I'll describe the things I ate.

I skipped the first bread because it looked too dry.  I tried the bread on the other tray that had red on top.  It was soft and the perfect accompaniment for soaking up the sauce from my pasta.  I ate the spinach leaf salad.  Wonderful.  I skipped the lemon chicken because it was swimming in oil so I couldn't be bothered.  The rigatoni was by faaaaar my favorite.  Big HUGE stalks of broccoli and a rich tomato sauce with chunks of tomato.  I would have preferred a little more spice but still good in my book.  I ate a little bit of the baked ziti.  It was kind of dry and did not have enough sauce or flavor.  I skipped the eggplant lasagna because i didn't have enough room on my plate (and I don't care much for eggplant).

When I say the ziti was good I mean real good.  I went back and got another plate.

Sincerest apologies for the quality and quantity of pictures.  It's hard to photograph food at a luncheon without looking suspicious, especially when the whole office is there! Tomorrow back at Topaz for lunch, maybe I'll eat something other than jungle curry.  Either way I'll show you what it looks like but have less to say.

Tonight arroz con pollo, first time making it from scratch. Wish me luck!

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