Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh what a night!

I left the office early today and it almost felt like the early days when I started this blog (approx. 3 weeks ago).  However, I was leaving the office to attend a client event at Saks.  This Women's Initiative event was a great opportunity for women lawyers at my firm to meet and mingle with female clients and contacts.  For me, it was also an opportunity to sample the hors d'oeuvres and catch up wit Ms. O!

It was difficult to snap pictures of everything they passed around without being too creepy, especially when i wasn't eating it (prosciutto with asparagus and mini sliders).  I did manage to snap a few pictures.
That beauty is the crab cake.  Oh and what a delicious crab cake it was.  I'm fairly certain I consumed the equivalent of two dinner sized portions of crab cakes.  Delicious and filling, but it certainly did not stop me from indulging in other treats.

That is one piece of a california roll (in Ms. O's hand) and as served on a bed of chopsticks with a side of pickled ginger and wasabi.  As Ms. O said, I would love to see the person who actually eats the ginger and wasabi.  You and me both!

Last, but certainly not least the chicken quesadillas cheese quesadillas mini quesadillas.  Each server had a different name for this delicious little treat.  I don't think I actually tasted any chicken.  What I did taste was a warm piece of tortilla with melted but not gooey cheese.  I wish they brought this by a few more times.  It was presented on a platter of thin tortilla chip strips.

After all that snacking, you would think we would give up on food but instead Ms. O and I decided we would continue by having a real dinner because if you're standing and talking when you eat, then it doesn't really count.  We planned to walk over to Ninth Avenue and find something, but as we walked on 50th, we saw this restaurant and decided to enter.  I have previously visited this restaurant for lunch and ordered take out on one of the late nights at the office.  However, I was excited to try out dinner.

Our server Tony was very chipper though it was difficult to understand him.  I asked whether the grilled shrimp lunch was available for dinner and I got this beauty instead.

That's Chicken and Shrimp in a spicy sesame sauce with Bok Choy and sweet potatoes.  Sooo good.  As much as I like chicken, I really do love shrimp.  However, when the two get together I suddenly feel like all is right in the world.  The shrimp were arranged like little soldiers diligently awaiting deployment into my tummy.  I was more than happy to oblige.

Ms. O had a bite of the chicken and commented that the sauce was sweet but had a nice kick to it...also known as PERFECT! All in all a fantastic night. Perfect blend of work and play.  

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