Monday, April 26, 2010 the office

As predicted, meals are few and far between now that there's more work to be done.  If not for that free lunch earlier, I may not have eaten.  That lunch was at noon.  Even though my stomach started growling at 4:30, Seamless web brought me my dinner at 8:15.  The difference between a free lunch and a free dinner is simple.  Free lunch you can usually eat and run and since you have to be in the office anyway, it's no big deal because it's like a bonus.  Free dinner is an oxymoron.  It's not actually free, because you're still working!
Anyway, I ordered dinner from Thalia.  Spaghetti and sauteed garlic spinach.  I hate ordering things that I can make.  I mean seriously, my pasta is way better and even though I haven't made spinach in a while, I cook a mean vegetable (usually broccoli). 

The spaghetti tasted very fresh and I could picture someone in the kitchen making the pasta.  The sauce was sweet but not sugary.  

The spinach was also good, but not quite as tasty as the one I had for lunch. All in all a standard but pretty uneventful dinner. The good part about it is that they always give me too much so I end up saving the rest for lunch tomorrow.   Well, hopefully I'll be out of here soon. I already miss the taste of my home cooked goodies.

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