Monday, May 24, 2010

3 meals, 1 post

Usually I don't do this, but uhh 2 of these meals contain items you've seen before so I need not dedicate a whole post to them.  As I mentioned yesterday, work was in charge of feeding me today.  Although I was a little hungry when I arrived at the office, I decided I should wait for the Summer Associate Welcome Breakfast at 10:15.  I hurried to the conference room after working for about an hour.  And look what I found...

Yup that's right, my favorite little cinnamon rolls.  Mmm so tasty.  There was also a basket of fresh fruit. Plums, bananas, apples, oranges and peaches.  I decided on the peach.  It was pretty good but badly bruised on the bottom so I didn't eat it all.  I left the breakfast at 10:30 so I could return to my office and continue on my quest to leave for vacation on Saturday.  Before I knew it, it was lunch time already.

We went to Brasserie Cognac a few blocks from the office. I usually go to Serafina, a restaurant that's owned by the same company so I was psyched to try something new.  We couldn't decide on individual appetizers so we ordered two salads for the tables.

The Spinach & Avocado with roasted pine nuts and white balsamic vinaigrette was amazing! Gone are the days when I wouldn't eat avocado.  Although I must admit that I still prefer cucumber in most of my sushi.

The Beet Salad with mix greens, french goat cheese spread, croutons and sherry vinaigrette was intimidating.  I have never eaten beets before and I must admit every time I hear the word, all I think about is Doug. Then I start singing Killer Tofu.  So yea, I didn't eat the beet salad, but based on how much of it was left compared to the spinach & avocado, I don't think I missed out.

We had a lot of discussion around which entree to order.  The halibut was the heavy favorite among 3 of us. So, of course, I decided to order the Codfish which was served pan seared with red pepper "piperade", grilled asparagus, potato wafers and espelette pepper sauce.  Based on the fact that one of the associates sent back her halibut because it was served in a cream sauce, I'm glad I got the codfish.  It was light and flaky.  The asparagus was slightly overcooked, but I think the somewhat soft texture complemented the crispy potato wafers quite well.  The red pepper "piperade" was fantastic.  Sweet red peppers cooked together in a decadent pepper sauce.

After all that food, you would think we would be done eating.  Instead, I decided I'd take a quick stop in heaven before going back to the office.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is creme brulee.  Thinking about it while I write makes me want to start drooling.  It was perfectly rich and creamy.  I must say, it was just the lunch I needed to get through the afternoon.

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I didn't think about food again until about 6.  At that time, I went upstairs to the Attorney Mixer.  Time for everyone who hasn't seen them yet to meet the summer associates.

It was similar to last time.  Same type of food.  Although the cheese and crackers was different this time. I tried a couple of them, nothing special.

I had to go back to work half an hour later.  I kept working and once 9:30 hit, I knew it was time to exit. I came home and after riding the stationary bike for a bit, I made myself a smoothie, and now I'm working.  Or at least I was until I stopped to write this entry.

Tomorrow may only be a lunch entry because I suspect there won't be much going on the rest of the day.  I would love to be able to cook tomorrow night but I'm not sure I can pull it off.  I guess you'll have to wait and see.

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