Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, one day closer to Friday.

No time for breakfast today so I just went with some cereal.
I know I know, as an adult I should be eating something whole wheat or with fiber.  But I can't help it, Frosted Flakes are grrrrrrrrreat!!
My lunch wasn't much better.  Although it was nice to see Ms. J, I didn't appreciate the walk to Digby's.  I'd never heard of the place and we kinda stumbled upon it because it was a midpoint.  At first glance, it looks like they only offer soup, salads and sandwiches.  However, next to the sandwiches is a smaller section for tacos and burritos!! nuts right?  It was so hot outside though that I couldn't bring myself to eat hot food.  So I ordered a sandwich.  I wanted Salsalito Turkey (mildly spiced), but was told they didn't have anymore.  So turkey pastrami on a roll with lettuce, tomato and a little honey mustard.  I guess that's what 908 stands for?
I must admit, this wasn't a Lenny's sandwich, but it did the job.  The roll was a little hard so I had lots of crumbs all over me by the end of the meal.  But the meat was fresh, the tomato was juicy and the lettuce was crisp. 

I met up with Ms.E (half of Z&Z) for dinner.  I guess I was still thinking about the tacos and burritos I missed out on at lunch.  So we went to Lime Jungle (turn down your speakers a lil bit if you're clicking on that link).  Definitely not high brow mexican, but very delicious.  I ordered The Mole shredded chicken burrito sans sour cream and light on the cheese.

It was surprisingly delicious.  I think it was the first time I realized why so many people clown on my love of Chipotle.  The tortilla was very soft, fresh and flavorful...I'll admit it Chipotle's can be kinda flaky sometimes.  The chicken was well seasoned and everything was well blended with the mole sauce.  uh-oh I don't think I'll ever look at Chipotle the same away again :-/ but I'm sure I'll still eat it every now and then :)

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