Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maiden Lane, part deux

We made the hike downtown to hang out with Ms. O and her Mr. M.  While I always expect to be wowed when I visit Ms. O, this last visit left me thinking she'd outdone herself.  We arrived just as Ms. O was plating some of our appetizers.  Yup I said some, because we had FOUR appetizers.  We ate our appetizers on the roof deck.  Unfortunately, it was getting late and I didn't take the pictures indoors so although we had blue chips and salsa, bruschetta, and thai sweet chili wings and buffalo wings, I only have pictures of the wings.

They were delish! We finished every last wing.  The wings were marinated, baked then broiled and finally sauced before they were plated.  All that work definitely paid off because it was very tender and well seasoned.

Yum indeed! This first course was accompanied by sangrita and of course we indulged in the fruit at the bottom of the pitcher.  Once we finished our appetizers, we went inside to chat it up, watch the Cavs and Celtics and get ready for our entree.  Although we were stuffed from the appetizers, we had room for some starburst while we waited for dinner.

Right as I started to get hungry, Ms. O announced that dinner was ready.  Farfalle with vodka sauce, shrimp and arugula salad.

The shrimp was just the right amount of spicy to complement the vodka sauce. Of course the sauce was made from scratch.  The dressing on the arugula salad was so good, I ate my salad in record time.

Look at that shrimp?! We retired to the couch to allow our food to digest.  Although I was filled to the brim, I could not resist eating dessert.  

Yup that's right. Heart shaped pumpkin loaf...because she loves me :-D  We also had some fruit to balance the sweets.

All in all an amazing culinary experience.  My only regret is I was so full that I started falling asleep towards the end of the night!  Oh and I must invest in a camera with some flash.  My fastphone is just so convenient that I use it to take pictures.  Anyone know of any good apps for the flash problem?

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