Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lazy Woman's Dinner

Rough day at the office.  Although I was there past "free" meal time, I knew that the only way to remedy such a terrible day was to make my own dinner.

Since it was so late, I decided to take it easy.   Yellow rice with peas & carrots and some lemon pepper chicken. The chicken, you may recall, was seasoned weeks ago.  But worry not, it was safely stored in the freezer. I put the chicken in the fridge last night so it would defrost and be ready for cookin tonight.

I cooked the chicken on the stovetop.  Only took a few minutes on each side, total cook time about 15 minutes.  Yellow rice was pre-packaged Goya but I added peas and carrots.

On most nights, I would have added some broccoli or plantains, but I was too exhausted :(  At least tomorrow is Friday.

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