Sunday, May 2, 2010

Neighborly Noshing

I suppose the title is a little misleading.  While she lives in the neighborhood, Ms. J is not technically my neighbor and brunch is not really noshing but it's my blog and I'll write what I want to!  Athough I had lots of work to do today, I decided to take a quick break and brunch with Ms. J.  We wanted to stay in the neighborhood so I could hurry back to work.  Ms. J had previously dined here, but it was my first time.  It appears they just reopened after some extensive renovations.  While I have walked by Settepani before, it was my first time actually eating inside.  The decor was modern in a muted non exciting kind of way.  I liked the curved countertop and the light colored wall but according to Ms. J it lacked the flavor that it used to have.  She recalled the gelato, dessert spread and teas.  None of that was visible.

As a first time visitor, I didn't feel I was missing much.  The menu was okay.  I found at least 3 things on there that I would eat so that's a good look.  I ordered the french toast and Ms. J ordered the salmon scrambled eggs which as accompanied with a side salad.

French toast was great although I had to scoop off the whipped cream.  It was nice and fluffy not to sweet and a hint of cinnamon.  The syrup was served in a small bowl.  Hopefully they don't reuse the syrup!

Ms. J was satisfied with the taste of the salmon but disappointed with the portion. Although I did photograph them after she'd taken a small bite.  She ordered a side of potatoes which she commented were quite good and well seasoned.  I'm not sure why they put the potatoes on such a big plate.

A decent meal and just what I needed to get me ready for a full day of work.  I'm supposed to go to dinner with Ms. S later but have yet to hear from her.  Perhaps we'll reschedule.

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