Sunday, May 16, 2010


With the impending Sunday night arrival of Ms. H, I spent the majority of the day cleaning my apartment and looking forward to our night at Pranna.  I've been stalking Pranna's sunday nights since a few weeks ago when I received an email from CitySearch describing it.

Anyway, we trekked to Gramurray Hill for our 8:30 reservation.  All I could think about was the lobster that awaited me.  We arrived and were greeted by some interesting hosts.  After having their own conversations, we were escorted to a table in the dining room.  Pretty nice digs, the center has ivory covered cushioned seating space.

On to the meal. We went with the 3 course $25 dinner, obviously.

They start out by bringing naan sprinkled with cilantro.  Two sauces, mint chutney and something more delicious.

I ordered the Chicken & Vegetable Spring Rolls.  The chicken spring roll was great, but the vegetable was alright but I preferred the chicken.

Ms. H went with the pork dumplings.  Obviously I didn't taste it, but the big smile on her face after the first bite said it all.

Those are our tools.  Ms. H and I ordered the same entree.  The very much discussed lobster!!! You have the option to have it steamed or broiled.  We went with broiled because it was served butterflied.

Man o man. That was the most juicy lobster I have eaten in a reeeeally long time.  While I don't normally dip my lobster in butter, the chili butter was soooo good I couldn't help myself.  The malay curry was also good, but didn't really do it for me.

Stuffed as we were, of course we had dessert.

Chocolate chili ice cream and Strawberry ice cream.  I enjoyed the chocolate a lot more.  Ms. H went with the Mango ginger flan, which she thought tasted a lot more like creme brulee.

That meal was so good and I couldn't believe the price.  Totally got our money's worth.  Oh and for those that are interested, it also comes with unlimited punch.

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