Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brotherly Lunch

As we get older, it's much more difficult to see my 3 brothers at once.  We all live in separate places and it's hard to coordinate all our schedules.  On occasion, our schedules overlap.  Today, 2 out of 3 of them were in midtown around lunch time.  So we decided to meet up for a quick lunch.  Of course, that meant going to one of my go to Thai spots.  We decided to go with Q2.

The appetizer was the same as last time.  Vegetable spring roll and salad with ginger dressing.

I switched up this time and went with the Crispy Tilapia on a bed of bok choy topped with sweet chili sauce.

Of course I had the side of white rice.  It was a very tasty meal.  The tilapia was cut into strips lightly battered and fried.  It was definitely not greasy, which is always nice when food is fried.  The sweet chili was amazing.  Sweet and spicy, loved it!!  Now I'm gonna have a much harder time making a choice when I go to Q2!

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