Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amel Larrieux @ Blue Note

As part of Ms. R's birthday celebration, we went to the Blue Note to hear Ms. Larrieux.  The Blue Note is an intimate setting and I enjoy attending shows there.  If you get there early enough, you can snag a good seat.  There are some bad seats in the house view wise, but the sound is pretty good so long as you don't sit next to the speaker.  While I wouldn't consider myself a die hard like the two people who sat next to us, I was definitely psyched.  She started a little late which was great for us since we arrived a little late.

We ordered some dessert since we didn't get any at Blue Water Grill.  Warm Pear Tartin with caramel sauce and ice cream.  Listening to Amel while enjoying this dessert was quite the treat.

The crust was very soft and not too sweet.  I very much enjoyed the caramel sauce and now think I may have to stock some at home so I can add to any sweet treat.

She was on point and sang about 8 - 10 songs and also spent some time chatting it up with the audience.  My favorite was a new song called Sshhh.  The lyrics were hilarious and she did an incredible job.  She also sang Try Your Wings, Get Up, You're My Thrill, and a few others.

Although she didn't sing my favorite, Weary, she did close out the show by getting off stage and dancing through the aisles singing Tell Me, the hit song she had as part of the duo Groove Theory.

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