Monday, May 3, 2010

Take Out

I still have work to do.  Of course I do. Not wanting to stay in the office anymore, I decided to pick up take out and work from home.  I'm posting during a break.  Usually when you order take out, it's near your destination or the place you're leaving from.  Not I.  I decided I didn't have enough last night and really wanted La Caridad tonight.  If I was going to Mr. G's it wouldn't be a problem, but alas home I go.  I took the subway to La Caridad then got back on and continued my journey uptown.  

I ordered cracklin' chicken (fried chicken) and shrimp fried rice. No salad! I stopped at the grocery store to pick up one plantain.  I could have ordered it but why pay $4 for them to cook it when I can buy it for 67 cents! Anyway I got home, made the plantain and tada dinner time!

The chicken was delicious and not too greasy.  Well seasoned and juicy.  The rice was iight.  I mean it's not like mine, but then again it's not like I had time to make it.  The plantain brought it all together nicely. Oh that bread is theirs.  I didn't eat it but thought it'd look good in the picture.  Best part is I have enough left for lunch tomorrow.  Here's to spending $11.17 on two meals!  

As an aside, I really need to go grocery shopping!! okay break's over. back to work :-(

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