Thursday, May 20, 2010

Associates Lunch-In

Every few months, the Associates at work have an Associates Night-Out.  Since the summer associates are starting soon, there's a night-out scheduled for two weeks so for now we lunch-in.

I must admit that when I walked in, I was not that impressed by the spread.  The food looked pretty regular.  Mixed vegetables, rice, chicken, beef, fruit, cookies, you know, the usual in house lunch.

But once I got my plates filled, I was singing a different tune.  The vegetables were sauteed in something special.  The broccoli and carrots were still firm which was great.  Few things worse than soggy veggies.  The chicken was in some sort of light teriyaki sauce.  The rice was also delicious.  It had great flavor, included some chopped veggies.  While I didn't love the salad, I picked out the mandarin oranges because they were fabulous.

I was happy with the fruit and dessert trays, but I gotta say that was the hardest kiwi I've ever bitten into. YUCKY.  The Summer Associates arrive on Monday, I look forward to eating on someone else's dime for the next 10 weeks :)

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