Friday, May 14, 2010

Farewell Friday

Not a lot going on today except that it's Mr. G's last day!  He'll be free for only a few days, but maybe he'll find the time to make me a meal ;-)  I took him out to lunch at Aoki.  I'm proud to say I ordered 3 rolls and Mr. G only ordered 2.  Salad to start, spicy tuna, salmon cucumber and shrimp tempura.  Delicious.

I think this is my new favorite midtown sushi spot.  After work, I met up with Mr. G and some of his coworkers for his send off at a midtown pub.  I was starving after an hour or so.  Although earlier in the week I had refused to order tacos at a pub, I decided that the chicken quesadilla would be delicious, especially since I just saw Ms. F finish a plate of them.

Yup they were very yummy and I couldn't help taking a few bites before I actually took the picture.  Of course I didn't touch the sour cream, you know that's not how I roll.  Made me want to make quesadillas, maybe sometime this week.

A few dining experiences lined up for the weekend.  Tapas downtown and a Sunday night reunion over lobster.  Stay tuned...

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