Saturday, June 19, 2010

BBQ in Manassas

Mr. G and I ventured down to Virginia for the formal union of Mr. I and Ms. S.  We had a long and rough ride courtesy of the usual MD and VA traffic.  Simply rubbish.  After 6 hours, we made it to Mr. S's home in Manassas Park, VA.  We missed the BBQ, but luckily Ms. S made sure we had enough to eat.

Mr. K's housemate, Mr. I was in charge of the grill.  He has previous experience mastering the grill and I trust his ability.  Unfortunately he brought the skill a little too hard on the chicken.  It was quite delicious but didn't present too well.

The turkey burger was delightful.  Well cooked, not too dry and with a little ketchup it was just right.  There were also some grilled vegetables in the mix.

These veggies were fantastic.  A little bit of spice and well sauteed.

Look how juicy they are! There was also a little bit of corn to get things going.  Yummers!

And of course you can't have a BBQ without corn.  Thanks Mr. I for providing some deliciousness and to Ms. S for keeping it warm for us.

Hungry yet?

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