Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pasta Pomodoro

Mr. G and I left the Fairmont this morning in a bit of a rush because we wanted to stop by Muir Woods.  That also meant that other than room service breakfast, we didn't get much to eat.  By the time we arrived back in SF, we were famished.

We walked to the Pasta Pomodoro on 24th and Noe.  It was an odd time to eat.  They were transitioning between lunch and dinner.

Mr. G ordered the tasting menu. Insalate Tricolore, Snapper and Crostata di Fragole e Rabarbaro.  The salad had grapes and what looked like feta cheese.  The grapes were very refreshing and definitely belonged with the cheese.

I also ordered the Snapper entree.  It was the special.

Snapper with clams, mussels, tomato sauce and shrimp stock.  I couldn't resist! It was every bit as good as it looked.

The broth was perfectly seasoned.  I didn't realize what an impact shrimp stock could have on a soup.  It was the perfect amount of food at that time of the day, considering our fabulous dinner plans!

Mr. G's meal also came with this dessert.  It tasted like rhubarb pie in a cup.  Much too sweet for my liking but a very good dessert.

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