Thursday, June 24, 2010

Central Park Zoo catered by Flik

Mr. G's firm hosted an event at the Central Park Zoo.  We showed up just as the Sea Lions were eating.  That meant we got the chance to eat while the rest of the guests watched the Sea Lions.  The event was catered by Flik.

Flik did a fantastic job and offered many options.

I stayed away from the roasted vegetables.  Although they looked great I wasn't interested.

The potato salad was alright.  Not as delicious as I would have made it, but it was edible.

The BBQ chicken was the highlight of the meal.  Juicy, succulent and simply fantastic.   So much so that I went back for a second plate.

The grilled chicken was also well done.  I placed one of these pieces on a bun and enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich.

Mr. G helped himself to one of these burgers.  It was apparently a hit, because someone stopped by our table and noted how delicious the burgers were.

Many thanks to Mr. G and his firm for providing my dinner.  I guess cafeteria food isn't that bad after all.

Hungry yet?

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