Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brunch at 10 Downing Food & Wine

Every now and then, I'm fortunate enough to have brunch with a lovely group of lady lawyers.  Brunch is always fantastic because we chat for hours and eat well.  10 Downing has been the brunch spot for a while now.  Although I was exhausted from the red eye and sadly couldn't make it to see In the heights (sorry Ms. J), I did manage to eat brunch before falling back asleep.

I usually stick to eggs but today I felt like something different.  Maybe it's because I had such good luck with pancakes all week.  I ordered the vanilla-cinnamon pancakes with citrus compote.  These pancakes are a new addition to the spring menu (as is the $12 bread basket, which used to be $10 - I'd skip it if I were you).

The pancakes were phenomenal.  They were light, but not thin.  Just a hint of vanilla and smelled like cinnamon heaven.  The citrus compote was NOT delicious.  Too tart and doesn't really go well with the pancakes.  I highly recommend the pancakes!

I also ordered a side of eggs which were perfectly scrambled and although they tasted salted, they were not salty.  Not sure what they put in the eggs but I was all about it.

Hungry yet?

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