Friday, June 4, 2010


Our last night in SF and we're dining with Ms. M, a fellow law school graduate and her Mr. L.  Ms. M's love for a particular type of cuisine brought us to Maverick tonight.

I was a little reluctant because there wasn't too much on the menu that I was interested in, but I figured it was worth a shot.  To start, our waitress brought out these little treats.

Blackberry soda with a little bit of mint.  The purpose of these drinks was to open up our palette.  Weird right?  But strangely delicious.  I have never been to a place that gets me ready to eat, but I was into it.  The bread and butter was also quite good...especially the butter!

For appetizers we ordered Baltimore Crab Fluffs and Fried Green Tomatoes.  The Crab Fluffs were served with daikon radish, frisee salad and remoulade.

They were basically fried crab cakes in a ball shape.  I was skeptical about them because this is not how crab cakes are supposed to look, but the taste was fabulous.  Big chunks of crab well seasoned, possibly a hint of old bay in there too!

I was less enthusiastic about the Fried Green Tomatoes served with mizuna, cherry tomatoes and buttermilk ranch dressing.  IMHO, tomatoes are supposed to be red not green, fresh not fried.  The batter was pretty good but I was put off by the idea of green and fried.  Others at the table seemed to enjoy it, although Mr. L commented that by eating the Crab Fluffs second, he saved the best for last.

Surprise surprise, for the entree three of us ordered Southern Fried Chicken and one ordered Grilled California Yellowtail.

I didn't taste the Yellowtail, but I must say I was shocked to see it on the menu, I didn't even know yellowtail could be served grilled.  It was accompanied by rancho gordo heirloom beans, oven roasted tomatoes, grilled escarole and aioli.  I must say it looked pretty good, but Mr. L definitely dug into Ms. M's chicken.

The chicken was soaked in buttermilk and served with smashed fingerling potatoes, mustard greens, chive and black pepper gravy.  It was so gooooood I'm having a hard time finding the right words.  For those that have been, this isn't Amy Ruth's good, it's even better! This was gourmet fried chicken!  The potatoes and greens were well coated in the gravy and made for an incredibly delicious meal.

To add to our enjoyment, we ordered mac n cheese.  While this wasn't Sante's mac n cheese, it definitely did the right thing and went really well with the rest of the meal.  Who knows, I may even start ordering mac and cheese on my own!

As always, we couldn't help ourselves and we ordered dessert.  Chocolate Devil's Food cake.  Mr. G and I ate ours with vietnamese Coffee ice cream and caramel sauce.  Mr. L and Ms. M had theirs with brown butter ice cream.

Both looked pretty damn good, but ours tasted amazing!  Another successful SF dining experience.

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  1. I was your server that night and I followed the address you left on your check, so glad you enjoyed the meal!!

  2. It was a great meal! Thanks for stopping by the blog!