Friday, June 4, 2010

R&G Lounge Chinatown

We continued our exploration of San Francisco neighborhoods today by venturing into Union Square and then Chinatown.  We were looking for dim sum, but were directed to R&G Lounge, which according to Ms. M is "the best chinese food in chinatown."

When you enter the restaurant, you're greeted by a perky hostess and an impeccable bar area.  The hostess directed us downstairs to the main dining room.  Since it was so close to dinner time, we ordered seafood fried rice and kung pao chicken.

The meal came with complimentary tea.  I drank a couple of cups and it was pretty standard.  Our food arrived fairly quickly.

The kung pao chicken was great.  The sauce wasn't as spicy as they advertise it to be, but it was very flavorful.  The roasted peanuts were whole instead of crushed which I liked.  All the vegetables were well coated in the sauce.

The seafood fried rice contained eggs and pieces of shrimp and scallop.  It was light in color which surprised me and led me to believe it wouldn't be as delicious.  Boy was I wrong!  It was fantastic. The light flavor of the rice was especially good when mixed in with the kung pao.

While I didn't try any other spots in Chinatown, I'm thinking Ms. M's inclination was correct.  Clean, fast and delicious = the best in my eyes!

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