Friday, June 11, 2010


After a rough week, I was looking forward to a low-key day and possibly escaping early.  But a lunch at Thalia that lasted an hour and a half killed that dream.  The lunch was delicious and the conversation was very lively (although I didn’t have to say much).  The guest of honor was a seasoned attorney with 40+ years of experience and he had all sorts of war stories: trying to get into Attica during the riots, work in Greensboro and the Silkwood trial.  

As focused as I was on the conversation, I was also concentrating on my meal.  I’ve been to Thalia before, and ordered take out too.  While I’ve enjoyed the food in the past, their menu looks like it has been revamped. I ordered the crab cake sandwich.

It was served on the softest, freshest brioche bread I have ever tasted, topped with arugula, avocado mousse, caramelized onions and spicy harissa aioli and a side of sweet potato chips. Wow! It wasn’t just a sandwich it was an experience.  I’ve never had avocado mousse on a sandwich before, but I fully intend on repeating the experience.  The spicy aioli added an extra kick that was unexpected but much appreciated.

I only ate half the sandwich at lunch.  When I ate the rest later that day, I was pleased to find that it still tasted great (although by then the avocado was starting to brown) ick!

Overall, I’m impressed with Thalia’s revamped menu, and definitely recommend it.

Hungry yet?

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