Thursday, June 10, 2010

East meets West?

Today's litigation lunch was just as good as last time, although the conversation was certainly more lively.

After a request from one of the partners for something healthier, this is what we got.

Nice right? A deli spread with meats, cheeses and a few sides and a tray of sushi. Although I didn't spend much time examining the various meats, from my cursory glance, I'm fairly certain that there was roast beef, turkey, and ham. There may have also been chicken.

As for the sides, potato salad and chips. I was going to count tuna salad and egg salad but I suppose those could go in sandwiches too.

The sushi was delightful! That's actually the majority of what I put on my plate.

I was quite happy with the quality of the tuna and salmon sushi. I'm not quite certain what the rolls contained but they were very tasty.  The egg salad was pretty good too but had a lot of mayo.

Oh and we can't forget dessert!

I stuck to one chocolate chip cookie. Which was a good idea considering what I ended up with later.

Courtesy of Crumbs.  

Hungry yet?

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