Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pre Theater Dinner @ Caffe Cielo

After a full 10-hour day, I would have loved to go home and reduce the number of shows on my dvr. But alas, it was Broadway night for the summers. As a summer associate mentor, it's my duty to attend these events. Yes yes I know, my life is so hard.

You can't expect us to watch a show on an empty stomach though so dinner is a must. This is likely my 4th or 5th time at Caffe Cielo and thankfully this experience was far better than the previous ones.

Although most of my dinner companions ordered salads, we also got a few appetizers for the table. 

Looks delicious doesn’t it? The caprese was good, but it wasn’t mine. J The bruschetta was fantastic, again not mine but actually might have been better.  The one with bruschetta with salmon was fantastic.  I mean seriously, why doesn’t anyone else do this?  Okay maybe they do, but none of the places I’ve been serve it.  The shrimp sauteed in olive oil and lemon was pretty good, but I've definitely had shrimp sauteed in something more delicious.

Soon after we finished the appetizers, our entrees arrived.  I ordered the Capellini Giramonte (angel hair pasta with shrimp & scallops in a white wine sauce).  Except, I didn’t want the white wine sauce so I requested a spicy tomato and they obliged!

Apparently, a couple of other people also requested a different sauce or different pasta than what was listed on the menu.  This is not a place where you’ll have a hard time substituting.  It was essentially make your own pasta meal.  How great is that?  The pasta was drenched in sauce, but since it was angel hair, it actually soaked it up pretty quickly.  The shrimp and scallops tasted fresh so I was pretty happy with my meal.  We were in a rush to make it to the show so we didn’t have time to get dessert.  Maybe next time.  I’m sure there’ll be a next time.

Okay so it's definitely not the best restaurant in the area but they'll give you what you want, bring out your food fairly quickly, and the prices are reasonable.  Although, it's pretty easy to make most of the items on the menu so if you have time and any cooking skills, I recommend you try making it at home. Unless if someone else is paying of course ;-)

Hungry yet?

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