Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haven Café & Bakery

We woke up this morning and watched Germany annihilate the Brits.  It hurt to watch, especially the ref’s poor call but c’est la vie.  After watching the pummeling, it was time to get our chow on.

We went to Haven Café & Bakery in Lenox.  A short drive from the house.  Haven is a cute spot and the best part is you pick up your food then pick a table.  Since we had the whole crew of 7, we were fortunate to get a seat at the largest table.

Mr. A, Ms. A (not the same A), Mr. G and I ate here yesterday, so there will be some blending of experiences and use of the previous day’s pictures in this post.  Here is a picture of Mr. G's corn muffin from yesterday.  He remarked that this is the best muffin he has ever had and was disappointed when they didn't have it today.

Ms. A ordered the French Rolled Santa Fe Omelet.  Chopped bacon, cheddar cheese, roasted poblanos, sour cream and pico de gallo. Now check out the picture she snapped.

According to Ms. A, the poblanos are the real deal.  They are more flavorful than green or red peppers, but not as hot as other chilies.  Tasted so good, she ordered it both days.  

Ms. P ordered the Smoked Salmon Scramble.  Hudson valley brown eggs, smoked salmon and caramelized onions on fresh spinach.

Mr. G and I ordered the same thing on Saturday.  Although they called it smoked, the salmon was more cooked than I’m used to.  Still tasted good I’m just sayin’.  The potatoes were also pretty good.

Ms. D ordered a fantastic Aegean Salad.

Look at that deliciousness, Grilled artichoke hearts, marinated tomatoes, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, tuna with capers on mixed greens.  Props to Ms. D for snapping the fantastic picture.

Mr. W and I ordered the Croissant French Toast, two pieces dipped in cinnamon, vanilla egg batter topped with powdered sugar.

Yummers!  I was a bit skeptical about this dish because it looked paltry.  However, from my first bite I was in love.  The croissant was light and the hint of cinnamon was fantastic. My only regret was that I didn't take a picture that really did it justice.

Mr. A and Mr. G both ordered pancakes.  However, Mr. A added coconut shavings for a tropical flair. 

Sorry about the pic…he already started eating before I could snap.

Haven is fantastic.  The prices are very reasonable and the portions are enough for brunch but won’t leave you stuffed.  If you’re ever in Lenox or surrounding towns, I highly recommend a trip to Haven Café & Bakery.

Hungry yet?

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