Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jetsetter Special: Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

Thanks to Jetsetter, the travel site for Gilt Groupe, Mr. G and I were able to get a good deal on two nights at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa.  We picked up our car at the crappiest Enterprise I’ve ever encountered.  If you’re ever in SF looking for a car, do not select the Enterprise at 2001 Market Street.  It’s in a location with a sign that reads “This building contains a substance known by the State of California to cause birth defects, cancer and reproductive problems.”  I kid you not.

The ride only took us a little over an hour.  The windy Redwood Highway was not friendly to my stomach, but since we didn’t eat breakfast, I made it there without incident.

The Fairmont sits on a beautiful estate.  There is a fountain outside the main building.  There are multiple buildings with different style rooms.  We walked the expansive compound and almost got lost.  The lobby is very large and open, not well lit but it adds to the Inn feeling.  

Our room is located in the main building.

Not too large, but an extremely comfortable bed.  Our first stop was the Big 3 restaurant.  

We started with the calamari.  It was lightly battered and really big rings of calamari.  The thai sauce was better than the tomoato based sauce.

I ordered a Margarita Pizza and Mr. G went with the Grilled Chicken sandwich with chipotle aioli.  The pizza was pretty good.  It had tomatoes, basil, pesto and mozzarella.  I would have enjoyed more basil and less tomatoes.  Most margarita pizzas that I’ve eaten don’t have tomatoes, just tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.

Mr. G’s sandwich was quite delicious.  The chipotle aioli gave it a nice kick.  Mr. G also ordered the blueberry latte.  The scent of cinnamon and taste of blueberry was refreshing.

Next up, our spa treatments!!  The Fairmont Spa is no joke!  It has two pools, a bath house and several other amenities.  

Mr. G and I indulged in the bath house ritual before our treatment.  We started with a warm shower using rosemary grapeseed exfoliant.  Next we stepped into the warm pool, it was about body temperature.  After about 5 – 10 minutes, we went into the Jacuzzi which was 105 degrees.  We cooled down with a cold shower.  The eucalyptus sauna was next.  Talk about clearing up your sinuses!  Finally, the dry sauna was our last stop.  I wish I had a picture of the bath house area, but too many people in bathing suits I couldn't very well photograph them!

We sat in the lounge area awaiting our massage therapists and enjoying the complimentary strawberries, orange slices, grapefruits and assorted dried fruit.  Our therapists arrived and escorted us to the Kur 1 room for our Couples Harvest Kur treatment.

Wow Wow Wow.  We were greeted with two treatment tables and a candle lit bubble bath.  First stop bubble bath.  The grapeseed smelled amazing and the complimentary exfoliating gloves made it that much more fun.  We hopped out of the bath and lay on the treatment tables for our mud bath and warming body wrap.

Mud bath is a bit of a misnomer.  It was actually an exfoliating treatment with grapeseeds and other fabulous scents.  They rubbed it all over then wrapped us up so we could bake for a bit.  While baking, we received foot and head massages.

After that we jumped into the shower.  The shower had 12 jets streaming out of the walls.  Post shower, it was time for the 60 minute full body massage.  These therapists are definitely well trained and knew exactly what they were doing.  We walked out dizzily happy, feeling fantastic and rejuvenated.  We went back for facials which were also incredible.  

The treatment room wasn’t quite as luxurious, but I was wrapped in a cocoon of blankets which kept me warm and comfortable during the treatment.  My face feels soft and smooth.  Thanks Mr. G J


  1. hell yea jetsetter, thanks for introducing me and hash to the site, hopefully one day we can follow in ures and Mr. G's footsteps hahaha. looked amazing!

  2. This looks amazing on the inside, but when you drove up were you surprised at all by the surrounding neighbo rhood area. I feel like I have to mention it to anyone visiting this beautiful place that the entrance was very surprising and unexpected. It is completely different once you enter the gates. What do you think about it?